Corn Bulbs:

Corn bulbs are a cutting-edge lighting solution designed in the shape of a corn cob, featuring multiple LED chips for all-around illumination. Their exceptional energy efficiency sets them apart, offering powerful brightness while consuming minimal power compared to traditional bulbs. Available in various color temperatures, they cater to diverse lighting needs in indoor and outdoor settings. From streetlights and parking lots to residential spaces, corn bulbs find widespread use. Their extended lifespan and low maintenance contribute to cost-effectiveness. Embracing these efficient and versatile corn bulbs is a smart choice for creating a well-lit and sustainable environment.

180 Degree, 360 Degree, & Post Top

Discover our versatile Corn Bulb collection, featuring 180-degree bulbs, 360-degree bulbs, and Post Top bulbs. These high-performance LED bulbs offer exceptional illumination in all directions, making them ideal for various applications. The 180-degree bulbs are perfect for wall-mounted fixtures, providing focused lighting. The 360-degree bulbs deliver all-around brightness, suitable for open areas and high ceilings. Post Top bulbs are designed for outdoor lamp posts, ensuring efficient and uniform lighting. Upgrade to our Corn Bulbs for energy-saving and reliable lighting solutions.

180 Degree

The 180-degree bulb is an energy-efficient lighting solution that provides a wide-angle illumination of up to 180 degrees, focusing its light output in one half of a sphere for maximum efficiency and coverage. Popular for residential and commercial use, it offers ample brightness while saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

360 Degree

The 360-degree bulb, also known as an omni-directional bulb, emits light uniformly in all directions, providing complete illumination throughout the area. Its ability to eliminate dark spots and shadows makes it ideal for various settings, including homes, offices, and retail spaces, serving both general and decorative lighting purposes. These bulbs are also commonly used in hospitality establishments, enhancing the ambiance and creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. With their versatile applications, 360-degree bulbs have become a popular choice for achieving well-lit and inviting spaces in a wide range of environments.

Post Top

The Post Top bulb emits light uniformly in all directions, making it ideal for various settings. Whether in homes, offices, retail spaces, or hospitality establishments, it serves both general and decorative lighting purposes. Eliminating dark spots, it creates a well-lit and inviting ambiance. Its versatile applications have made it a popular choice for achieving well-illuminated spaces. This bulb is particularly suitable for post top fixtures in outdoor lighting applications, providing efficient and uniform brightness throughout the surrounding area, enhancing visibility and safety in parks, streets, pathways, and other public spaces.

Common Outdoor Applications for 180 Degrees, 360 Degrees, Post Top:

Building Exteriors - Illuminate building exteriors with 180-degree bulbs to provide a wide-angle spread of light, ensuring optimal visibility and security during nighttime. For complete and uniform illumination in all directions, consider 360-degree bulbs, ideal for post top fixtures commonly used in outdoor lighting applications. These fixtures are suitable for parks, streets, pathways, and other public spaces, creating a safer environment.

Garages & Carports - Install 180-degree bulbs in garages and carports to ensure even illumination in all directions, minimizing shadows and dark spots. Additionally, consider post top lighting solutions for these areas to provide efficient and uniform brightness, enhancing visibility and safety for parked vehicles.

Outdoor Pathways - Use 180-degree bulbs along outdoor pathways for safe navigation of pedestrians and to add aesthetics to landscapes and gardens. Alternatively, opt for post top lighting fixtures to promote secure and well-lit pathways, encouraging accessibility during nighttime strolls.

Floodlighting - Employ 180-degree bulbs in floodlights to cover expansive areas with uniform illumination, making them perfect for sports fields, security purposes, and large outdoor events. For areas with flagpoles, showcase national pride or corporate identity with 360-degree bulbs strategically positioned to illuminate the flag with pride and dignity.

Garden Lighting - Transform the charm of landscapes and outdoor spaces with 360-degree bulbs, highlighting trees, bushes, and other garden features. Create a warm and inviting ambiance while providing a wide-angle spread of light. Additionally, use post top lighting to enhance the beauty and safety of gardens and recreational spaces.

Outdoor Signage - Illuminate outdoor signs with 360-degree bulbs for clear visibility, even during the darkest hours. Ensure your business message or directions attract attention with this versatile lighting solution. Post top lighting fixtures are also effective in illuminating signage, providing tailored and effective lighting for various sign shapes and sizes.

Street Lighting - For well-lit streets and roadways, consider installing high-performance post top lighting fixtures, catering to specific FC (foot-candle) requirements and ensuring even illumination. Alternatively, 180-degree bulbs and 360-degree bulbs can be used for street lighting applications, providing wide-angle illumination for enhanced visibility.

Parking Lots - Achieve heightened visibility and security in parking lots with efficient post top lighting fixtures, emitting intense and widespread lumen output. Minimize dark spots and shadows to create a safer environment for both vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally, 180-degree bulbs can be used in parking lots to provide even illumination in all directions.

Parks & Public Spaces - Enhance the beauty and safety of parks and public spaces with post top lighting fixtures, offering a pleasing blend of form and functionality. Additionally, 360-degree bulbs can be employed to provide complete and uniform illumination, creating inviting spaces for outdoor recreation and social activities.

Why Switch to Led Lighting?

Switch to LED Lighting for a brighter, greener future. Our cutting-edge LED technology offers enhanced illumination with energy-efficient solutions, reducing your energy consumption and utility bills. Enjoy longer-lasting bulbs and eco-friendly designs that contribute to a sustainable environment. With a wide range of options for residential, commercial, and outdoor lighting needs, ensures top-quality products backed by exceptional customer service. Illuminate your life with brilliance while making a positive impact on the planet. - Your Outdoor Industrial Lighting Solution is your ultimate outdoor industrial lighting solution. With a comprehensive range of high-performance LED lighting products, we cater to the specific illumination needs of industrial spaces. Our durable and energy-efficient fixtures ensure superior brightness and reliability, even in harsh outdoor environments. Whether it's warehouses, factories, parking lots, or construction sites, provides cutting-edge solutions that enhance safety, visibility, and productivity. Trust in our expertise and innovative designs to illuminate your industrial ventures with unmatched brilliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which lighting option is best for industrial spaces?

For industrial spaces, 360-degree bulbs or post top lighting solutions are often recommended. These options offer comprehensive and uniform illumination, ensuring safety and efficiency in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

2. Are 180-degree bulbs suitable for commercial settings?

Yes, 180-degree bulbs can be used in commercial settings, especially where targeted illumination is needed. They are commonly used in retail spaces, offices, showrooms, and indoor areas that require focused light distribution.

3. Can post top lighting be used indoors?

While post top lighting is primarily designed for outdoor applications, some larger indoor spaces, such as atriums, grand halls, or large commercial facilities, may benefit from the wide-angle illumination provided by post top fixtures.