Welcome to GleamXLights– Your lighting abode!

GleamXLights provide energy-efficient lighting for commercial, industrial, and warehouse facilities. We provide handpicked LED lights to your diverse needs, from enhancing the ambiance to upgrading your corporate space or creating a captivating atmosphere for any special event. Our network of independent local electrical contractors and lighting installers lets us offer cost-effective turnkey lighting retrofit solutions. GleamX ensures prompt service before, during, and after completing the project.

Our Story:

GleamXLight was founded in 2010 with a clear mission to deliver high-quality lighting products that cater to the specific needs of warehouses and industrial facilities at competitive prices. 

Over the years, our team has developed a deep understanding of the unique lighting requirements in these spaces, developing strong partnerships with clients and contractors who serve them. 

As our business expanded, we outreached our product ranges to commercial lighting fixtures. Today, we take great pride in offering one of the most extensive selections of LED fixtures available, including decorative lighting options.


2010- Started working as a lighting consultancy

2012- Included designing and other business aspects of GleamXLights’

2015- Expanded our work to other countries like Spain, Germany, Middle-East, South East Asia. France, Central Europe

2018- Earned market trust & revamped our lighting supply chain

2022- Established a manufacturing plant in the City of Devor, Delaware, USA

2023- Currently providing the best quality solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide


Through our early projects, we recognized that impacting industry energy usage often requires expert guidance. This realization drove us to adopt :

  • A consultative approach
  • Valuable assistance in identifying the ideal fixtures
  • Navigating complex rebate and incentive programs
  • Offering design support

With a track record of selling tens of thousands of fixtures and completing large-scale lighting projects nationwide, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

GleamXLights is eager to leverage this expertise to support your organization in achieving its lighting objectives and maximizing energy efficiency.


Why GleamXLights’ is the Best Fit for Your Business

Whether you require lighting for warehouses, industrial facilities, or commercial spaces, our extensive product portfolio offers high-quality options to meet your requirements. 

With GleamXLights’ you experience reliable service, exceptional products, and valuable expertise, which will illuminate your path to enhanced productivity and energy efficiency.

  • Best quality products at affordable prices
  • Free Delivery on orders above $99
  • 100k top-notch lighting solutions tailored to your needs. 
  • Efficient operations and a robust supply chain
  • Delivery within the day


Customers & Projects

At Gleamxlights, we are privileged to serve an impressive clientele, including renowned companies and esteemed organizations. However, we take equal pride in the trust thousands of small and medium-sized businesses placed in us. With GleamXLights unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and ability to provide tailored lighting solutions, we are honored to be chosen by a diverse range of customers, including:

  1. General Contractors and Electrical Contractors
  2. Energy Services Companies
  3. Property Management Companies
  4. Design/Build Contractors
  5. Utility and Energy Companies
  6. Commercial and Industrial Facility Managers
  7. State and Municipal Government Institutions
  8. Universities, Public Schools Districts and Private Schools